Mother Ahavah





Here to serve you in spiritual realization and the full aliveness of life experience, the Mother Ahavah ministry is here for you. The word Ahavah, in ancient scripture, means “Love” and refers to the Eternal Deific Love of God Presence.

The ministry message evokes direct experience of God Presence, the Original Presence you exist as. Many followers, and students of our global family experience a heightening of the enlightened way through a unified presentation of: books, articles, teachings, retreats, programs, meditation gatherings, sacred canticle music, paintings, prose, artistic beauty, morning messages, morning meditation silence, and the prayer cathedral temple.

As a young child, Ahavah (Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen) began having spontaneous, holy encounters, feeling the intimate Presence of God. These experiences of Deific Love, later increased in depth and frequency, over decades of contemplation, meditation, and direct experience. She experienced a clear call to dedicate this life to the alleviation of suffering of the human family, through direct spiritual experience.

Today, Ahavah embodies and presents the Mother Ahavah spiritual teachings and retreats—guiding in silence, wisdom, authenticity, meditations, practices — supporting the stable direct experience of seamless intimacy with the Divine Presence. This awakening as Deific Love, grounded in wisdom principles unifies all paths in the core oneness: Aliveness as Divine Love, as Original Light, as the Light of Consciousness. The teachings wed Love and Wisdom, guiding in the realization of Self as Original God Presence, this instant, as the true ground of identity.

Ahavah teachings open the way for Grace to melt the core matrix of suffering and limitation. She offers these teachings via international live classes, retreats, books, original composition and singing of canticle songs and music. The ministry vision upholds the individual and global awakening in Deific Love, the realization of the Original Light of God in/as all beings, the dissolving of division among couples, families, groups, religions, countries, and spiritual teachings.

Ahavah wisdom principles and experience evoke the already happening reality of God Presence, the tangible lived experience of gentle and immense Deific Love, the awareness of illumined Consciousness. She lives, holds retreats, writes, paints, sings canticles and ministers in Florida, United States. Her books, articles, classes have reached persons in 108 countries.