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The spiritual teachings of Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen (Ahavah) formed the Home in the Heart Foundation to further the outreach of free literature, programs and teachings — now having reached countless individuals and families across the globe. She now prolifically writes new material for developing online libraries of wisdom teachings and tangible application in daily life. The ministry reaches and trains key leaders in the ways of spiritual realization that engenders world peace.

Today, Dr. Nielsen (Ahavah) embodies and presents the Mother Ahavah spiritual teachings and retreats — guiding in silence, wisdom, authenticity, meditations, practices — supporting the stable direct experience of intimacy with the Divine. This awakening as Deific Love unifies all paths in the core oneness: Aliveness as Divine Love, as Original Light, as the Infinity of Consciousness. The teachings wed Love and Wisdom, guiding in the realization of Self as Original God Presence, this instant, as the true ground of identity.


Mother Ahavah

Ahavah offers prolific creative sharing, original teachings that melt the core matrix of suffering and limitation. She offers these teachings via international live classes, retreats, books, canticle songs, and art.

Her vision includes the individual and global awakening in Deific Love, the realization of the Original Light of God in/as all beings, the dissolving of division among couples, families, groups, religions, countries, and spiritual teachings.

Ahavah centers teachings and meditation on embodiment: the tangible lived experience of direct God Oneness. She lives, holds retreats, writes, paints, sings canticles and ministers in Florida, United States. Her books, articles, classes have reached persons in 108 countries.


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