We have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In spiritual awareness beauty is the beholder… the beholder is beauty... the beheld one is beauty.

Some years ago, Dr. Nielsen wrote “the observed changes in the eye of the observer.” In mystical contemplative awareness, the Life-supportive Observer knows himself or herself as Spirit, as Light. The awakened, loving Observer sees (knows, senses, perceives) the imminent Essence, the center of Love, the core of Light—in Itself and in all things, persons, beings.

When we know self as Spirit, we see all as Spirit.

When we know self as One with God, we see all as One with God.

This does not mean that we cover our eyes in denial, or shirk “reality” in woo woo, or whip up sand castles in the sky. It means that we have a solid, stable certainty, a rock solid faith, an eternal lasting true awareness of what is truly there - seen with the higher, more refined spiritual faculties.

Dr. Nielsen recently took note of the spontaneous phenomenon occurring when she took a quick non-professional photograph of anything from a rose petal to a lettuce leaf, from swaying moss to a flying osprey, from her farrell-turned-adoring kitty to a lizard basking on the brick. In these photos the luminosity or light she spiritually sensed there (not visually saw) appeared on the photo. There is no photographic or technological or natural reason or explanation for many of these light rays or forms.

In other instances, she feels the soul pure essence, the love expression of something gently bursting forth. She spontaneously knows how to catch the natural silvery light, or gentle whispery winds, or graceful hushing lilt of a thing, in a way that reveals its innate innocence and delicate beauty.

The human family and planet earth now cry out for tenderness, for compassion, for grace, for softness. Our hearts and relationships are thirsting for the flowing waters of intelligent caresses, authentic embraces, unifying kindnesses, and transparent connection.

When we open our hearts to a flower, a tree, an animal, a plant, and truly appreciate its beauty, its light, its love— then we can more simply open our hearts to the person standing in front of us. Simply… simple… without defense or justification or fear… we simply open the heart to see the real. Whether that person is the closest to you in the world or a stranger, the spirit-heart of you blesses the world when you know the inner beauty. See.

There is a place within them that is still Home in God.

Connect with that.

Home sees Home.

Silently, secretly, sacredly, softly open the heart to connect with that. No matter what the form or texture or emotional charge or dynamic of the interaction, allow at least some small ray within you, to remember the truth of them.

And then that part of you will deepen, expand, fortify, and emerge as the truest part of you - and you will feel the holy joy of the jewel of true knowing.

Every instant you take a photograph. Every instant you make a photographic image. And that image either burns away in the sands of time… like gravel in the mouth or limp uselessness in the hands - of no value. Or that image comes alive, in celestial song and unifying dance, as you, The Beholder, see the Light. And that instant photograph moves into the timeless.

These timeless treasures… follow you into eternity… and they light the pathway for all our brothers and sisters to find their way home… seen as Light.

Loved as Light.


Dr. Nielsen acknowledged a natural photography gift, January 19, 2017. She takes photos spontaneously in the course of daily life, on her cellular phone device.

She has no formal photography training and makes no claims to the craft other than being one who loves the essence of what she sees.

© Copyright 2017  Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen
All rights reserved.

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