Welcome to our nature gallery of floral creations.

Our natural state, our natural way is: beauty.

When we behold beauty—such as looking at a glorious sunset, the spontaneous smile of someone we love, or the sun’s ray glowing golden from a flower petal, we remember our Original beauty: Home, Eternal Love.

Every word, prayer, book, art creation, or image of this website has one simple and natural aim: the remembrance of yourself as Spirit, as One with the One God, Home in the Heart of the ineffable light.

We encourage you to view these elegant flowers—arranged and photographed in the natural light of the Presence of Mother Father God love—as a gift to you. May they immerse you in peace, in joy, and in the knowing of the beauty that you are.

You are an exquisite creation of beauty, cherished and loved, and expressing the light of love.

Mother Ahavah
Spontaneous Floral Creations

Dr. Nielsen, flowing with Mother Ahavah love, feels each flower as light, as spirit.

She often arranges flowers for her prayer events, Home in the Heart Foundation ministry, or prayer room sacred areas. The students and visitors started commenting: “I feel something when I look at those.” “I feel Mother God love when I see those.” “Looking at that arrangement I feel Father God’s wisdom and peace and an answer just came I’ve been praying about for years!”

Students and visitors bringing gifts of flowers started to spontaneously say: “Dr. Nielsen, spiritual mother, fix these!”

On one such occasion Dr. Nielsen took a “before” photo and explained that although the flowers and arrangement were pretty to the eye, it came from someone’s mind thoughts without divine feeling, it came from a plan or a repetitive way. She then shared that the heart love expresses from a spontaneous, delicate, yet potent way of Home.

When we create from Home Light Presence, as Home,
it sparks the remembrance of Home in those who look upon what we create.

Then Home looks at Itself, as Home.

Home is Eternal Love.

Then Dr. Nielsen, in less than three moments arranged the same flowers in the same vase, and they evoked a stillness, love, joy and peace in those who viewed them. She then snapped an “after” photo of the new creation. Everyone was astounded at the difference between the “before” from the repetitive mind that forgets the way of Home and the “after” emanating from the Eternal Love.

She photographs the flowers with the same spontaneity, love and grace, seeing the creations as Spirit Light. Often a “light” appears in the photos that is not visible to the natural eye.

We welcome you to experience yourself as beauty, as Home, as you see these divine floral arrangements.

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All rights reserved.