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Ann Marie Nielsen Ph.D. (Ahavah) releases her first single Holy One (coming soon!), followed by her debut album Christmas season 2017.

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Holy One
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Holy One
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You Hold Me
You Hold Me Through The Night

Shalom Yeshua


You Hold Me — debut album coming
December 3rd, 2017

Ranging all the way from soft acappella tones, to epic instrumental orchestration with four part cathedral harmonies, this ascendant way of merging voice, tone and melody, offers you a deeply moving and elevating heart experience.

The Canticle songs immerse you in the felt remembrance of sacredness, peace, and Eternal Love, in a way that liberation’s awareness remains with you.

The Canticles originated as spontaneous songs of worship that Dr. Nielsen sang and toned, worshipping under the grandmother oak trees by the water, performing ministry activities of her Home in the Heart Foundation.

She had no plan to professionally record and distribute these tonings of stillness and grace—initially seen as a silent ministry in quiet moments, offered to heal and awaken hearts through our humankind family. In the recorded audios, Dr. Nielsen sings the lead vocals, background vocals, four part harmonies and she tap dances the percussion.

In the words of Dr. Nielsen (Ahavah):

 “I clearly remember an intuitive flash as a child—that sound would one day emerge as a primary and powerful way to feel God’s Presence. I had no idea at that time or until quite recently, that sound and song would arise as such an intimate and sacred expression of my voice in the world.”

“The ineffable joy and love of God Presence, Face to Face is indescribable. I feel this experience pulsing through as melody and tones, which I usually initially tone without words for some time. Then spontaneously one day, lyrics arise. I entrust the hearing of these songs to you, that you rest in the Glory of our Creator, the beauty of your sacred heart.”

These exquisite and rare musical creations are composed, toned and sang by Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen.

One of the unique characteristics of these canticle songs is that they represent a sacred inversion of the usual usage or experience of a hymn or spiritual song. Historically, hymns or worshipful songs are sung in order to feel a communion with God, to let go of cares or worry, to lift the heart to acknowledge God. Often, unwittingly this maintains a feeling of a separate God in the sky, looking down, for which we feel a loving gratitude, and to which we are trying to worship.

These songs inverse that. Dr. Nielsen, a spiritual mother of holy song, deeply feels the immense and ineffable holy joy, the eternal Father Mother God Love. Alive as the sacred Light of That, she then “senses” with spiritual faculties an inaudible “song.” She feels the worship, the adoration, the Formless Love Light, as pre-song holy joy. Then a melody “flows down’ into the perceived range of hearing with the inner ear. When the song spontaneously recurs often enough (not being written down with musical notes), she can sing or recall it at will. At some point, toning the melody, words often arise, marrying the hauntingly sacred songs and heart warming lyrics in one song—for you.

Thus, being the worshipful devotion Presence comes “first” and canticle song “second.” Not the other way around. These are not toned to reach God, or worship God, they arise from aliveness as Eternal Love first, and are sung an an expression of that devotion.

For You

We encourage you to listen to these tones, melodies and words in the awareness of being Still Home in the Heart of God. Allow these songs to bathe you in Eternal Love, and serve as gentle, potent Light Triggers of the sacred light you exist as.

Remember the Original Innocence, One with the One Eternal God. Allow the felt Presence of God happening within, to then flow forth from you in holy song.

Mother Ahavah Spontaneous Creation

As of January 2017, Dr. Nielsen has composed over 15 canticle songs ranging from 2 to 16 minutes in length. Not one song has been written with an intention to write or compose, or with any thought to the song. These songs will be recorded, one by one, during the upcoming year and posted on this site.

The canticles’ original composition (written on the heart, not on paper) spontaneously arise at any time or activity of the day—in meditation, walking in the serenity of the courtyard gardens, driving through heavy traffic on the highway, communing with the ospreys flying overhead, answering the prayer request of a hurting one.

They arise with an immense holy and sacred feel. Often a sweet, tender, wild enchantment and magicalness alights. Magicalness differs from magic. These are not magic, they are the miraculousness, the reflected miracle, of our Essential Self—alive with its innocence, wonderment, and ecstatic joy. These holy songs allow our heart to feel its immense Love for our Creator and to remember the Original Light of Home.

Still Home.