New audios coming soon!

We will be posting audio messages for you Winter 2017 and Spring 2018.

The audio library will include a vast array of free gift audios. These audio messages, by Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen, offer wisdom teachings as well as contemplative prayer practices.

The audios offer spontaneous, immediately relevant and applicable experience, for your spiritual growth and return Home in the heart.

The audio library supports your imminent and direct experience of Eternal Love and freedom from suffering, and limitations.

We welcome you to receive these audio gifts! May they fill you with peace, happiness, and lasting liberation.

Home In The Heart Series

Ann Marie Nielsen, PH.D.

Come Home. This exquisite audio offers a rich, profound, and joyful realization: I AM Still Home. Being Home in the Heart awakens sacredness, beauty, love, and limitlessness...

This audio message sparks aliveness as the Essential Self, the stunning brilliance of God Presence. Experience the adoration and freedom of this Original Oneness, that fulfills all of life in miraculous, yet simple, peace.