to the contemplative prayer experience of viewing and resting in these art creations.

As you rest with these art creations, it may feel like a soft whisper of welling up of peace, happiness, love, or joy. Or it may dawn like the Light of a thousand suns in profound realization of being Home in God Presence.

We encourage you to view these art creations with an awareness of the Eternal Love resting there for you, within you, As one with You. Remember the forever Home of beauty, grace and holy joy. Look out at That, look out as That.

With no formal art training, and with no thinking or planning, Dr. Nielsen, one with Mother Ahavah, flows and twirls out these exquisite art pieces. The delicate and potent presence of Mother God Love emanates from her heart, through her hands, to the paper or canvas.

Each painting or drawing generally completes in four to twelve minutes— on average about nine minutes. Each thirty seconds to a minute a new layer emerges of forms, colors, and wisdom principles known in consciousness. It’s as if the formless Eternal Love, express as original forms and sparks in us a remembrance of Home.

The first sketches/paintings occurred spontaneously in the fall of 2016. Feeling an immensity of divine devotion, and worshipful prayer, Dr. Nielsen felt a nudge to express on paper what welled up within. She rummaged around and found a few pieces of chalk and six dollar pot-of-paint sets that she had tucked away on a hall shelf for when children visited. Having no brushes, she painted them with her hands, a style she often uses now. A few of these early creations, she drew or painted with eyes closed or with her non-dominant hand.

We welcome you to immerse in the innocence, beauty and holy joy of these art creations, reflective of Home.

© Copyright 2016 - 2017  Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen
All rights reserved.

Heaven Diamond Light
of the Tender Holy

Love Is, I Am

Eden’s Betweenness:
The Love Between Us, Is Us

Enchanted Forest Inside
Creates by Beholding

The Magical Holy

Vision-Palace of Soft Joys

Honor The Invisible Fragile Places

Be The Temple Chalice

Yeshua: Know Him


Timeless Eyes See
as Timeless Love

The Glory Gap
of the On Off Pulse

"The Kingdom of Presence Aware of Only The Kingdom of Presence"

The Kingdom of God is Within

"The Heart: Always Was,
Always Is, Always Will Be"

Love Aware of Love

"The Whisper of Enchantment
Is The Bold Certainty"

Adoration's Caress

"Delicate Immensity"

The Whale's Eye
of Compassion's Dawn

"The Normal Glory
of Golden Love"

The Finished Kingdom Fulfills All

"Be the Golden Presence Upon Which All Arises"

Then Even Your Hushed Tone
Commands Reverence

"The Burning Bush of Devotion Lives Forever"

I Am I Ever Will Be

"The Bronze Brilliance
of Stillness"


"Crucifixion Bows at The Feet
of The Resurrection"

And Resurrection Bows at the Feet
of the Crucifixion

"Messiah's Tomb of Pathos,
Ablaze in Resurrection Glory"

The True Son of God

"Compassion's King Reveals
The Father's Eternal Love"

Eternal Life Is Eternal Love

"The Shorn Ones Come Alive
As The Adorned Ones"

The Ecstatic Peace of Oneness With The One God

"The Formless Weaver:
Miraculous Living Light"

Ascendant Creation Answers In The Here and Now

"The Never Moved Ones
Dance In Victory"

Trust Truth Principles

"Power of the Humbleness:
I Will Always Be Here"

Still Here

"Kindness Dances
Strong and Soft"

I Am Here

"Endowment Springs
From Within"

And The Within Is The Giving Forth

"The Magical
of The Dawn 2"

The Silver Sweet of God's Peace

"Even My Glances Spark Royal Goodness Everywhere"

God's Vision Is The Treasure

"The Tree of Life Sacredly Weds Masculine and Feminine"

The Life Before Form Births All As Joy