Dr. Nielsen is currently writing several new books scheduled for publication Fall and Winter 2017.

Her books offer experiential writing and reading. Reading these books supports the direct experience of inner peace, of unconditional happiness, of the holy joy of union with God Presence.

Reading the texts support releasing former conditioning and the direct realization of Mother-Father God love as a lived reality and the ground of being.

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Holy Mother Carry Us
Madonna Bond of the Free Ones

by Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Published August 28, 2017
Paperback, 5.06 x 7.81 inches,
Full Color, 102 pages


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Diamonds of the Holy Heart
Chronicles of the Free Ones

by Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Published July 20, 2017
Large Format Paperback, 8.5" x 8.5" Full Color, 238 pages


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Pearls of the Presence
Heaven's Way Lived on Earth

by Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Published May 11, 2017
Full color large format 8.5" x 8.5", 208 pages paperback


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Father Ahavah
The Unfathered Ones Come Home to Love

Paperback, 310 pages, Published April 21, 2016
by Ann Marie Nielsen, Ph.D.


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Father Ahavah welcomes you to come Home to your True Being. A stunningly relevant book at a momentous global time, by distinguished spiritual teacher and author, Ann Marie Nielsen Ph.D.

Ahavah: a word for Love in the Hebrew language. Father: Father Spirit, Eternal Father. Thus, Father Ahavah means the direct experience of everlasting Father God Love.

Father Ahavah is a way of life and a pathway of light. Our hearts, relationships, emotions, health, prosperity— and our environmental and world conditions—have been tragically impacted by the longing for fatherly love, wisdom, and protection. We feel the escalating global need to heal from violence and abuse, and to discover the redemptive grace and ineffable happiness of Oneness with Father God, Creator Presence.

The message of this book potently and candidly breaks through our global amnesia, awakens clarity, and mends hearts. It unifies us together in solidarity and a more sustainable world.

Father Ahavah offers “real life story” vignettes, wisdom teachings, and daily experiential applications. These pathways welcome you to the profound stillness and peace, beyond a personal “me,” Home in the Heart of the Eternal Father Love.

We now stand on the precipice of an en masse emergence of the eternality of the heart. We embody this eternal Love when we come Home in the Heart; and we rest in this reality of inner love again and again, no matter how messy the moments, or crucial the challenges we face.

Father Ahavah profoundly immerses the reader in Grace. It carries one through and beyond emotional pain and fears to the peace of Eternal Love.

To have this experience supports every individual coming Home to peace. This one-by-one intelligent luminosity of being Still Home moves us toward a collective shift to Father Ahavah. This hour of astounding Grace heralds the miracles of compassion, the beholding of ecstatic holiness, felt now.

This message reveals the longing we share for the Father’s Love. Ultimately, this Father must go beyond a human person, or gender; it must go beyond an object, or something seen as external or personal. This Father Ahavah is known as Eternal, as the One God, yet felt as a gentle Papa, as a present, compassionate Father.

And yet this Father Spirit, this Father Heart, this Father God Light is within us—is us, as us. Like the ray of the sunbeam streams as one with the sun, or the wave flows as one with the ocean, we are one with this Spirit Presence—we are this. Through engaging with this book, we feel this Presence happening on the “inside” and then we reveal this to all on earth.

Rather than this book being about one person... or a few persons... it is a Light Trigger for humanity to face the global condition from a fully aware, un-anesthetized place and to come alive as the Gentle Immensity of God Presence.

Father Ahavah bears similarity to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The song speaks of and carries the lower tones of the aching, the longing that we share. Then the song hits the high note, rises to the rainbow, and over the rainbow, way up high.

The vignettes sections of the Chapters reveal the low note, the en masse longing, the sense of separation. And the Now Wisdom Teachings and the Experiential Applications portions of the chapters hit the high “C,” the high notes, the celestial tone.

However, in the Wizard of Oz, the real world happens in Kansas. In this book the real world is the golden world of Light. More specifically, the real world reflects ineffable Divine Love in the kingdom inside. And yet that world of Light is lived here, now, in the most relevant, tangible, practical way.

To truly receive the impact of this book, first open to see and feel the condition of lostness and pain. And then allow that to spark total passion for reverence and remembrance of our true Heart's Home.

This book invites all to come Home to Father Ahavah!

A portion of the proceeds of this book supports charitable purposes.

The Home in the Heart Foundation charitably distributes copies of this book to churches and philanthropic organizations.

Review by U.S. Congressman, Bill Johnson

"Making people, regardless of who they are or where they are from, aware of the depth, strength, and power of their spiritual self is a tremendously powerful life changing, therapeutic tool.

Father Ahavah does that, and it will open the door for a return to The Heart of the Father for millions of people. It is not, however, an easy read. Not because of the writing style, but because of the spiritual depths that Dr. Nielsen’s words take the reader to.

It takes time to let the words really sink in. The only writings I have read that come close to accomplishing the same thing is the Bible."

– U.S. Congressman, Bill Johnson
Ohio Sixth District

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