The Diamond Compassion That Is Our Chariot of Shared Happiness

We see in this passage, that our chariot—our true vehicle of movement, of flight, of ascension, of the jet of happiness is: shared.  Our materialistic culture does not contribute to collective suffering because people have things, or wealth or affluence.  We spiral up webs of suffering when we, individually and collectively believe that things (assets and money, as well as relationships, others, love, kindness) belong to a separate “me” as a commodity, as an object, as something to give or to withhold. Read More


The Mishpachah Light

We do not have to experience trauma or physical violence to have a strong or subtle fear of persons. This may take the form of placing walls or guards around our hearts or feelings; experiencing emotional charge or heightened voltage around certain persons, or feeling anxiety around certain types of relational interactions. Read More

The Joyous Seal Skin of "Sit With It"

Our True Life, The True Life that we exist As, is joyous vitalness. When we rest as Spirit Presence, we instantly connect with and as this True Life vital joy. This True Life does not ever change. Thoughts change, emotions change, circumstances change. Relationships change. Finances change. Health changes. Read More

The Reality of Love

Love faithfully reveals the togetherness, the harmony, the kindness, the enchanted miraculousness already present, as our Eternal Self. This Eternal Self is our Essence, our Essence Self, our Essential Self. The Essential Self is the gentle immensity of Original Love, God Light.  Read More

The Way of Benevolence

You are meant to feel vibrant and express pure vitality. You are meant to give and receive benevolence. You are meant to experience reality with balanced ease and creative joy.  The Natural Way  As you live the Natural Way... Read More

Softly Be

Bill’s wife Susan sharply conveys her disappointment with him, and he feels inferior and criticized, how can he Softly Be? Irene’s husband is harsh and devalues her; her confidence wanes and her creativity dies, how can she Softly Be? David experiences a divorce and financial reversal that feels... Read More 

Instant Grace

We live in a culture wired to instant gratification. Instant messaging, instant credit(cards), instant online shopping, instant fast foods, instant entertainment, instant virtual relationship—even instant oatmeal, instant coffee, and instant pudding. Instantaneity of gratification flashes a double edged sword. Read More

The Greatness of The "Human" Spirit in The Midst of Tragedy and Loss (this article is written in response to Dr. Nielsen’s ABC Action News television appearance, September 19, 2014.)

You may have seen newscasts concerning the Florida grandfather taking the lives of his children and grandchildren, and himself. When we hear of tragedies... More

Live the Presence: I See

In Any Given Moment What Do We See? In Any Given Moment Who Sees?Who Is the One Who Sees? And What is Really There In What We See? When we see ourselves as the named person—a body, with thoughts and beliefs, then wherever we look we see the ten thousand named things of this world Read More