Softly Be

Softly Be Opens a Way of Life and Being To:

Feel Self as Presence
Live as The Heart, Open and Spacious
Live as Changeless Love, as The Reality of Identity
Know Spirit Presence as More Real Than Problems
Respond in Life with Ease and Fluidity
Re-pattern the Nervous System & Responses to Peace
Live from  Compassion and Release Judgment & Rigidity
Live as Presence Rather Than By Mind Commentary
Experience Vital Life as Essence 
Express as Supportive of Harmony in Relationship
Share Contribution and Affluence
Live Free from the Neurologically Addictive rush of Adrenaline from Stress
Live as the Silence of The Quieting, Empty of Past and Future Focus
Abide as Presence Moment, Free of Wanting or Grasping
Awaken as Original Self, Deific Eternal Love
Live as Awareness, The Observing Vision of Harmony and Beauty—
That Reveals Heaven as Earth
That Reveals Miraculous Grace in the Midst of Any Circumstance

How Can We Softly Be Amidst Suffering?

Bill’s wife Susan sharply conveys her disappointment with him, and he feels inferior and criticized, how can he Softly Be? Irene’s husband is harsh and devalues her; her confidence wanes and her creativity dies, how can she Softly Be? David experiences a divorce and financial reversal that feels crushing, how can he Softly Be? Anna’s recent spiritual growth creates an unexpected backlash of jealousy, betrayal and withdrawal of support from her fiancee,  how can she Softly Be?

When our lives re-structure, collapse, change, and change how can we Softly Be? When our nervous system is creating adrenaline and our blood pressure is rising, how can we Softly Be? When our individual, community and global issues escalate, and we feel mounting insecurity and stress, how can we Softly Be?

Keys to Softly Be: Experiential

Relax into this experiential practice to Softly Be. However, allow this to flower within you spontaneously, rather than turning it into a set-in-stone technique. Thus, Softly Be with the practice and experience it as ever fresh and new each time you contemplate.

Read a few lines, and close eyes to contemplate the message before opening eyes to continue. Rest into the practice with ease.

  • Settle into a comfortable position

  • Breathe in a slow, deep, rhythm, in and out of the nose

  • Open to feel the place in you where there is perfect peace

  • Feel the Aliveness of Self, as deeper and deeper peace

  • This place in you remembers Oneness with Creator God Presence, as here, now

  • Realize the Spirit Reality of you, does not change and is still Peace, Love, Limitlessness in this instant — just beyond or beneath any thought or emotion this Presence of Holy Joy is — as You

  • Notice any sense of stress, tension, emotion – fully welcome it without resistance, yet not immersing in it —- feel it and then fall back into the Presence of Peace and Light, of Love and Majesty that you exist as

  • Pause, observe and notice what triggers a reaction or a resistance — what creates a surface ripple on the Ocean of Soft Peace you exist as

  • “Zoom Out” and be the observer of what is occurring

  • Have awareness of habitual patterns - recurring emotions or themes that run like a program —- these habitual programs can now be fully seen, fully embraced, unwound and released forever

  • Notice any strong or any subtle stress feeling, or adrenaline increase, or emotional charge, without suppressing it or escaping … sit still with it and allow the stress to soften, flow, release

  • See the stress feeling as a contraction, and have a gentle awareness of opening the heart, and staying open as Present Love

  • Try not to act or make decisions from reaction or resistance

  • Notice the tendency to resist, to “harden to” an experience that feels stressful or painful

  • Soften instead

  • Let go of resistance to the totality of the situation, rest in the peace within

  • Embrace what arises within and live as Spirit Presence, as Changeless Compassion

  • Notice the tendency to escape or avoid the inner discomfort or difficult situation

  • Face it instead … Be with it instead…

  • Simply welcome the thoughts, feelings and sensations and Softly Be with them

  • Allow everything to become slower in this moment —- the breath, the thoughts, the experience

  • Let go of focus on the triggering person or event and softly stay with the trigger feeling

  • Just stay with the inner experience

  • Ask for the Divine Grace here now (Something Greater than a personal self) to dissolve this belief, reaction, contraction, limitation

  • Change focus from being the content of the experience to the One who compassionately Sees the content (this is a major shift)

  • Softly Be the Love or the Peace Presence that Observes

  • Experience  compassion for those that deliver the trigger – they are giving  you a camouflaged major gift.  (It is actually you giving you the gift).  When you can “Softly Be” with that gift, great vistas of  growth and freedom open for you….

A Huge Key to Softly Be

*You may think of Softly Be as a flower going from flowering to bud form and back  to open  flowering again.  In other words, if you imagine your whole body (or whole  being) as a flower – allow it to rest inward in bud form to the situation, and then flower  again as love and peace, unaffected by the situation. (This is a distinct and profound experience when  it actually occurs for students in Ahavah classes and retreats.)

The bud form of this practice is a total surrender of the concept of a struggling and surviving “me” in who needs approval or control. It reflects an emptying of wounds, fears, limitations. And then Spirit Presence, alive as the Heart Essence, flowers in simple, profound and stabilized harmony, beauty and joy.

Wishing You Many Soft Benevolences,

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen


Copyright © 2016 Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

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