The Joyous Seal Skin of “Sit With It”

Joyous Vitalness
The Seal Skin
“Sit With It”

From Discourse Five
of the True Life Class


The Ten Thousand Forces and Faces

Our True Life, The True Life that we exist As, is joyous vitalness.

When we rest-abide as Spirit Presence, we instantly connect with/as this True Life vital joy.

This True Life does not ever change.

Thoughts change, emotions change, circumstances change. Relationships change. Finances change. Health changes. The world changes. The ten thousand things of this world change, change, change the ten million times, times, times.

Pause to realize the immense significance, that our True Life, Spirit Life, does not change.

That which changes at the level of psyche, emotion, thought, circumstance, does not ever change, alter, or compromise, the inner presence that is one with God Presence.

Meaning: the belief in, the thought about, and the emotion of loneliness, for example, does not “turn” or change, True Life, Spirit Presence, Eternal Light, into loneliness.

Nor does Spirit Presence come sink down into the sea of change to “heal” it’s changing loneliness, or changing mood, or changing dating status, or changing financial ledger, or changing relationship.

Rather than seeing this God Presence “outside of you”—waiting for It to come give you the heaven-like elixir of vitality— fall back into, remember and abide as this True Life of the True Self. Awaken as the already existent Self as Eternal Life-Presence now.  Open to this as the soft immensity of complete focus—as the Life.

The Divine Creator that “birthed” you already gave that life “to” (as) you.

God Presence already gave you (meaning: already made you alive as) the holy grail of wisdom’s grace, and the silver sword of silken forever truth to “return” there, “remember” there, “remain” there, “be” “there”. Here. Now.

Joyous Vitality, True Life, Spirit Presence: Is.

It does not change.

Yet with the three dimensions and five physical sensations of this world, we perceive places and faces, divorces and forces, stolen choices and sabotaging voices that seem to change Life, into mis-life, or ease into dis-ease, or seems to alter-dilute Presence into personal problems.

The faces and forces of fear or rejection, of doubt or mistakes, threaten to negate, or dilute our True Self. They appear to diminish our love and contribution. They cause us to question our sacredness or innocence.

Quietly observe these faces and forces – not as individually, independently existing objects—rather as thoughts, emotions, beliefs, sensations, now fully felt and fully released without following or heeding the commentaries of the mind chatter.

Pause. Slow down. Look. See.

And see beyond or beneath these swirling experiences: Spirit Is. Peace Is. Light Is.

The tight, tense, contracted places open to Eternal Love.

We see tense contractions and emotional pain evaporate, and Joyous Vitality – Eternal Spirit Presence flowers as tangibly evident all existence, as the Eternal Is. Holiness…Is.

It Is the tangibly felt Presence, which, when unconditioned from the ten thousand faces and forces, shines and tangibly forms. And the physical form life reflects more connection, solidarity, union, authenticity, joy.

Sit With The Truth of the Sword
of the Seal Skin

So what do we do with the deeply ingrained patterns: such as the belief in, “loneliness”? Or “rejection”? Or “lack of worth”? Or “exhaustion”? Or “missing ease” or “mis-ease”? Or “painful emotions”? Or “defeat and lack of fulfillment”? Or with “attachment”? Or with “longing-type desire”?

We sit with it.

We sit very still, quiet.

To sit very still as the Miraculous Sittingness, gloriously empty of the memory, sensation, thought habits, patterns-programs of every second of experience right up to a second ago.

In the stillness of Spirit Presence, the potency of Grace rises, the heart flowers in this Grace, and we empty of former patterns. More of the authentic self shines through.

We sit with it as the sword of the truth of the seal skin.

In folklore, the seal is a beautiful symbol of the free, yet gentle soul and the seal skin represents a symbol for our Authentic Self—our True Self, Our Home Self, still Home at One with Creator God.

To lose the seal skin, the Authentic Self, is to lose luster, vitality, happiness, luminosity…it means to lose the mystery of soft stunning beauty.

If we detect pain and conflict within and ignore it, and move deeper into denial and insensitivity, we lose the seal skin. We suffer disconnection from the luster, the vitality, and clarity of Eternal Love, the Essential Self.

When we feel emotional hurt, and a movement of resistance to what occurs, the heart must in that moment either open more, or close down more. There is no neutral ground.

Be not deceived that we put off a soul initiation, or crowning moment of ascension, or a cutting away of the old for the rich emergence of the new – be not deceived that we put that off and stay the same.

In that instant, the instant of the great divide, we either wield the soft sword of cutting away that which is clearly revealed as inauthentic, or we unwittingly cling to it and lose our seal skin. We lose the felt experience of our natural innocence and integrity. We lose our open pathway to remember Home as Oneness with God, in this instant and every golden moment.

It Is.

Do we really fully “lose” it?

No. We always are it. Yet we lose the felt experience of it.

And we fade. And we start to die inside. We become like a branch cut off from the tree, the root, the source of Life.

Homesickness for Presence, for truth grows stronger as our vitalness grows weaker, and the ten thousand forces and faces seem more real and more powerful than the Light, the Radiance, the Joyous Vitality of Presence.

What is the remedy for our existential homesickness for intimate Union with God?

We “sit” with the “what is” arising now.

Sit with the what is… now.

Meaning: sit as the Beauty of the Immensity, the Silence as Presence, rather than sitting as the ten thousand things.

Meaning: sit with “what is being felt or experienced, the trigger calling for attention, or the felt nuance of that instant” without escaping from it or immersing in it.

Meaning: sit with the “what is” in that moment, seeing it as an “arising”. Meaning: sit with it as “arising”, not as ultimate reality.

Meaning: with it as Luminous-Limitless Spirit Presence, not as a personal “me” in separation. Sit with it, aware of the conditioned repetitive programming, not identified as the programs of mental-emotional experience.

If we sit thinking about loneliness, or fear, or fatigue we are not “sitting with it”. If we sit immersed in emotional reactions we are not “sitting with it”. If we sit believing in doubt, limitation, dis-peace as our identity we miss “sitting with it”. If we sit escaping from pain and increasing in unconscious habit and defended behaviors, we are not “sitting with it”. If we distract from the pain or emotion with escapes, entertainments, hollow commitments, distracted devotion, we are not “sitting with it”.

“Sitting with it” is sitting in stillness, or “stillness-ing”, in the quiet thrill of the immaculately still, as God Presence, as Spirit Self, as Welcoming Holiness, observing thoughts-emotions-circumstances, as simply content.

What appears within and before us on the screen of experience is not ultimate reality or identity, it is arising changing content….mental-emotional fluid content.

“Sitting with it” means having more interest in the One aware of the content, than in the content.

And the One aware of the content is changeless Presence. It is the felt Presence of the Eternal Changeless Peace. It sees as Divine Intelligence sees, it sees as Pure Light sees, as Holy Spirit sees… and joins with that.

“Sitting with it” means slowing everything down to zero point. The stillpoint of silence rises as vibrant, vital, ineffable God Union, all else drops away, as extraneous.

The truest essence of you does not change. The truest essence of you overflows as natural joy, as the innate luster of seal-skin-on, sitting-with-the-what-is, rich equanimity.

Simply be.

Sit with the what-is… now.

And allow the true “Eternal What Is”, to be more real than the arising, changing what-is.

Sit, and empty of past experience, past reference points of identity, until you feel the true What-Is as the Glory of the Immensity, the Holiness of Presence, the Sacredness Joy of the Divinity.

And discover the Essential Spirit Self, effervescing in giving, sharing, and blessing.

The eternal glimmer born as joyous vitality, rises like a golden sun, refreshingly free of care-taking, co-dependency, sacrifice, or burn-out.

It is naked shorn humble joy.

It is pure, clear, transparent candor. It gives from/as laser like inspiration, adorned in authenticity, “seal-skin-on”, “sitting-with-the-what-is”, the Eternal What Is, clarity of Being.

Presence—as silence-at-rest, a serene, still quiet. That Being-ness may express as gesture, voice, message, action, efficiency… or as total quiet, unmoving, serene stillness. Inspired impulses serve the clean order of unity, harmony, and balance.

When we experience tiredness or exhaustion, that often means we view some area of stress or suffering as insurmountable, unyielding, immovable. It means we shut our eyes from a bright skylight of insight and accountability, to hide in the shadows— “running from” rather than “sitting with”. It means that the sword of truth, meant to cut away draining illusions, sat in it’s sheath too timidly yet, and something fake and hollow took precedence over the risk taking true growth commands.

Realize and take note that the stressor or “crisis point”, in and of itself does not create exhaustion or inauthentic experience, it is our response to it that does. It is the belief that our magnificence, our innocent elated joy can “change” that allows the settling in of burden-disappointment-fatigue.

The stressor itself does not create tiredness or lack of luster, it is our losing of our seal skin as we unwittingly allow the “hurts” or seeming lacks, or the forgetfulness of Pure Light, to slowly chip at and strip away our golden skins of the layers of the body of Light.

You Exist as Pure Light

As God Spirit Presence

Simple, Immense, Beauty

Light of Existence, Holiness

Unstoppably Changeless Spirit

Eternal Endless Joy

Forever Effervescing Vitalness

The Body of Light

Authentically Home

Comfortably Home

In the Seal Skin

Of Beauty & Light

With the Silver Sword of Truth

And the Sacred Remembrance of Grace

Almost-Wildly, Ecstatic in Integrity

Innocently Free

Endlessly Being

The Essential Self

One With Eternal Love

Alive as Joyous Vitality

Ever Giving Light

Like Golden Coins Pouring From Jeweled Treasure Chests

Too Innumerable to Count

Like Sparkles of Sunshine on the Deep Blue Ocean

Too Immeasurable and Kind to Number



And the Infinite


The Quiet


Of Simply Home





That Look Like

Authentic Home

And We Live

In and As That

Remembrance Experiential Application

This week and beyond, as you move through each day, each hour, have awareness of the seal skin metaphor and see, truly see, how deeply the Authentic Self, Spirit is lived as. And see, truly see, where the seal skin is seemingly lost.

Notice what triggers? What pulls into unconsciousness? And truly “sit with” the beliefs and emotions. Allow a space and spaciousness to see this same space, this same Light within the belief and emotion, as it arises, and then this spacious Light falls back into It’s Presence.

Sit with and as Spirit Presence.

  • To “sit with” means to release story, commentary, thoughts, and sit with the pure emotion

  • To “sit with” means to “Sit As” that upon which the pure direct (without commentary) sensations rise and fall, are felt and dissolve

  • To “sit with” means to “Sit As” One with Eternal God Presence

  • Observe emotion as impersonal sensation, that is felt, without the distraction of thoughts or persons or circumstances
  • Simply “sit with” the unpleasantness of the emotion, without escaping it, jumping out of it,or indulging in it, or wallowing in it, or even being that interested in it

  • Release all sense of grief or sadness, from when the seal skin was lost, rendering the authentic self as compromised, diminished, traded off, or minimized for the survival programs or material trinkets that fade away like chased rainbows

  • Have more interest in “Sitting As” the Spacious Happiness You, The Natural Self, The Eternal Way

  • Realize that though the embraced, “sat with”, emotion feels dense or contracted, the core of the emotion, beneath the closed off contraction is this same pure Happiness Spirit Presence

  • When you “sit with”, the emotion, “Siting As Spirit Presence as the Felt Reality” emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sensations, limitations fade back into this Spirit Light

  • Remember that living as the Eternal Self, the Authentic Self, One with Creator, marks the true purpose of life

  • Honor this most true Authentic Spirit Presence
  • Of any thought, situation, circumstance ask “Is it true of the highest Authentic Ultimate Self I Exist as?” Not as a mental question, as a question to ask, let go, and rest with quiet mind, hearing as the Heart

  • And see the non-power of the inauthentic to have any principle or “right” of continuation

  • Feel: I Exist as the Heart of the Creator, Authentic, Reality Feel-experience-remember: I Exist as Original, Undifferentiated Light, Eternal Love this instant, now, timelessly, changelessly
  • Trust in this and rest as this

  • Allow it to be the soft laser beam luminous focus of each day, each hour, each moment, Now
  • Tangibly feel the Eternal Changeless, the I Am that I Am, in oneness with and as God Presence

  • See “I Am Still Home”
  • And live as that Authentic Self, Light, Life

  • The Authentic Self has no seeking or wanting … one with Formless Light it beholds forms of harmony

  • Let that Self live the Life and reveal True Life, Seal Skin On, the Beauty of Heaven’s Way

Warm Blessings & Peace,

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen


Copyright © 2016 Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen