The Reality of Love:
The Quieting Love

Love Heals As Love Reveals

We have heard the expression: “Love heals all things”. Love “heals” all things by fulfilling all seeming lack of love—whether in relationship, home,  affluence, vitality, life expression.

Love “heals” by revealing the non-power, the non-presence of lovelessness. Lovelessness is a temporary program, Love is an immutable eternal Reality.

Love’s “healing” happens by Love’s gently stellar “revealing” of Itself as already changelessly and immensely Present—here now.

Love faithfully reveals the togetherness, the harmony, the kindness, the enchanted miraculousness already present, as our Eternal Self. This Eternal Self is our Essence, our Essence Self, our Essential Self. The Essential Self is the gentle immensity of Original Love, God Light.

As the changeless, quiet Background of Love—our heart core ground of being—as silent aliveness, we observe the objectified forms appearing in front of us. Abiding as Love, no matter what happens, we observe situations  rise and fall and dissolve into this same Background of Love. When the Background of Love—always there beneath any hurt or experience of lack of love—becomes the felt Foreground of Identity, then we experience freedom from suffering, searching and seeking.

This background is the Eternal God Presence, the Depths of Quieting Love, that we now allow to sacredly potentize as the Reality of Love, the Reality of Presence.

What keeps us from living the Reality of Love and being the Reality of Love all of the time?

When the direct unalloyed Quieting Wonderment of Love—our completion— becomes entwined with a belief in incompletion then our attention turns to the “outside” persons and things that we think will give us love, or love us in return.  Our undimmed direct immersion in the bliss of Love happens as our  stabilized way of being when we fully experience our Essential Eternal Self as a golden universe of complete Love. This tangible-celestial Love is unconditional, sweet, tender, global, and fulfilling.

To experience this Love, we move out of the programmed conditioning of conditional love. The personalized “me” and “mine” affection and sentiment rises and falls, and thus is not our stable resting place. It may change from love to hate, form affection to distance, from assurance to anxiety. Human based love is often influenced by the desire to love, along with the desire to be loved. This conditional love may one day leave us, or we may wind up unfulfilled, longing for approval. Fearing rejection, or frustrated in establishing more intimate bonding, we may attempt to control to “keep love”. However, as Divine Love, we exist as the boundless, neutralizing, cohesive, revealing power of Being Love.

This Tangible-Celestial Love
Is a Way of Being,
A Tender Resting,

An Ecstatic Beholding

Of the Reality of Love,
Eternal Quieting
Alive as the Full Spectrum of Spirit Life

The Magnificent Original Light

The Eternal Beauty

Limitless Grace

The Love Body:
Beyond the Neurobiological Stress Matrix to the Reality of Love

The Reality of Love goes far beyond what we typically think of as love. Personal-self- based love may devolve into attachments, dependencies, stress, conflicts, and lack of respect. Even when the relationship seems close and loving it may harbor unconscious deals, habits that hide the real issues, lack of growth, familiarity at the expense of fresh open authentic sharing. If fresh open growth is not happening, the mind stories start encroaching on the relationship. The habits of looping down the rabbit-hole of thought trails (rather than Being spacious Love), re-creates the same repetitive, historical relationship monologues and dialogs.

This occurs in all arenas of life. If we get stuck in repetitive familiar patterns, it’s our cue to rest back and feel for the Eternal Spirit of Eternal Liberated Love. As that Love Aliveness, we miraculously triumph as Love in the face of the most messy and painful of moments. We then emerge elegantly humble and open, authentic in relevant unification and caring.

In other words, we do not wake up to the same relationship, the same sense of self, the same life situation, the same health, or same service or affluence each day. We newly re-create it in the pattern of yesterday if nothing has interrupted that pattern.

Only awakening as Eternal Love, as our lived identify, interrupts-heals-redeems the ancient collective belief of lovelessness in humankind.

We maintain the past and status quo in our biology, in our neurological system, in our cellular patterning, in our resistance to new insight. Interrupting the pattern of loveless moments redeems each instant as a fresh flow from a “me” to a “we” and to a Thee. We move from the self- focused persona to the Unconditioned Existence, One as God Presence, that profoundly supports all of life. Then we start as Thee, as Thou, as Thy Presence, the Divine Reality of Love— from which we begin, continue and end. We abide as That.

Rather than investing your precious moments in a belief system of limiting love, invest in the reality and legacy of Limitless Love as Inner Presence. We neutralize fear-based patterns as we welcome (enfold, dissolve) the desire-craving for love (belief love is lacking), as well as aversions to rejection (also the same belief that love is lacking). Love cannot be withheld like an object. Love Is.

In the Reality of Love, the Love Body, Love expresses free, new, fresh in the endless, timeless now instant.

In the Reality of Vitalness (Health), the Love Body expresses as endless energy and vibrant life, that lights up each waking moment. This reflects as the neurological calm of inner happiness, and the coherent field of love in the cells and systems of the body.

The Reality of Love—Ever Safe

It’s primal to the survival brain—the neurochemistry—to believe: if “I am smiled at I am safe”, if “I am loved I am safe”; if “there is a frown I am unsafe”, if “I am disapproved of I am unsafe”.

Disapproval triggers our fight or flight system, in the same way (though more subtle and mild) as a bear chasing us in the woods or a near- collision in traffic. Our neurochemistry doesn’t distinguish the difference between actually experiencing a fearful situation, or just thinking about the potential occurrence.

If we suppress an emotional charge, it submerges in the cellular memory and neurobiology. It stays there until it is unwound, and released, allowing for new cellular patterns to form/emerge. Every second abiding as this Spirit Love, Father God Love, happening on the inside, the neurochemistry responds with regeneration. As long as we identify as a separate self struggling to survive, fear is activated in our biology and every area of life. All suffering stems from this belief of existential separation from Creator, this fear of disappearing, of having no value, of being “nothing”.

Yet, we exist as the sweet perfume of quiet simple bliss when the personality self, the fear based self, rests as “nothing”, unveiling the Oneness of God Presence, we exist as, Home in the Heart. We remember… we come home… and see we always have been Home.

Changeless Eternal Love —the only truly “safe” place.

Love Is.

From Mercurial Love to Changeless Unconditioned Love

Is love mercurial? Does love change?

Attachment changes, personal love changes, sentiment love changes, thought-based love changes.

Abiding as Eternal Love this changing “noise” dissolves into the changeless Quieting Love. Being the Quieting Presence, the depths of Eternal Love, this Love fulfills all, simply by being and by effortlessly expressing.

The Timeless, Quieting, Eternal Love
Does not change.
It is safe
It is trustworthy
It is Love Itself, ever alive
The Eternal Quieting Love,
is the Reality of Love
Fulfilling each leaping instant
Revealing the bliss of completion

Beyond duality, fear, and conditioning, Eternal Love is Unconditioned and Unconditional. We hold a gentle, unmoving stand as this Changeless Love, until that stand takes a life of its own and grants us wings to fly forever free in the poignant elegant glory of Love.

Rather than relating person to person, thought to thought, emotional charge to emotional charge, broken wing to broken wing—relate Heart to Heart, Spirit to Spirit, Causeless Love to Causeless Love, Consciousness to Consciousness, Spirit to Spirit, Infinity to Infinity, Innocence to Innocence.

As you look at another “see” that spark of Spirit, that Reality of Quieting Eternal Love, God Presence Love, that Reality of Love… expressing as You… and looking back at You. And feel the Eternal Oneness with/as Creator Presence, ineffable, intimate, communion of Love.

With Blessings from the Heart,
Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Copyright © 2016 Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Rumi Quote:

What Remains After Nothing?

“Love is the flame, which when it blazes,
consumes everything other than the Beloved.

The lover wields the sword of Nothingness

in order to dispatch all but God:

consider what remains after Nothing.

There remains but God: all the rest is gone.”

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