Instant Grace

We live in a culture wired to instant gratification. Instant messaging, instant credit(cards), instant online shopping, instant fast foods, instant entertainment, instant virtual relationship—even instant oatmeal, instant coffee, and instant pudding.

Instantaneity of gratification flashes a double edged sword.

If effortless fulfillment reflects the love, harmony and completion of our Divine Nature, One with God Presence, it deepens our conviction of our true reality.  Every person living the commitment, candor, and character of being one with Spirit Presence, and expressing the holiness, compassion and fortitude inherent in that abiding, blesses and elevates every living being in our world.

Yet, if immediate gratification arises from a personal “me” surviving itself, and closing itself to Presence, peace and compassion, this dulls even the brightest rainbows of new promise. Instant gratification dilutes and dwarfs us if we evade feelings, neglect deeper communicating, escape into pleasure, or run from authentically resolving pain. We may unwittingly substitute a cowardly shrinking back from our spiritual heritage, a banal trivializing of  the sanctity of relationship, or short-cut and sincere contribution.

Yet, with patience and abiding in the higher values, we celebrate the rich abiding joy of devotion, commitment, compassion, and perseverance.

What do we do when deluged with the tempting distracting glitz of instantgratification? Step back, be spacious and still, and simply notice this fools gold. Is ittruly attractive? Does it truly fulfill?

Focus on the true gold, the eternal treasure.

Place attention on the one instant gratification, the one immediacy-of-the-moment fulfillment that is a safe, certain venture into vistas of freedom, happiness and unconditional love: Instant Grace. In this epic hour of humanity’s critical need for grassroots and global shifts, we are called to go deeper in the heart. And in this depth and this height, we serenely side step the quicksands of  “me” and “mine” instant gratification, and superficial distractions.

Rather than an anesthetized culture swirling down the rabbit holes of compellinginstant gratification, let’s soar to heaven’s way:  an en masse huge loving compassionate Heart, rooted in Oneness with God Presence, and alive in Instant Grace.

Instant Grace.

Instant Grace Here Now.

For You.

We need this genuine Instant Gratification of Grace that rolls out the yellow brick road to the true home—rather than the instant grats that drag us back to humanity’s age-old, millenia-old swirling pools of unsolved problems … sucking life.

No matter what challenges occur,  know and be this Instant Grace. No true, lasting, sustainable Grace exists apart from the Immense Love of our Creator. This Presence is Grace.

Instant Grace is Instant Presence. 

Abide in Instant Grace.

Open to know, feel, love, acknowledge the Eternal Love of Creator God. Realize Oneness with this Presence as more real than anything you see,  hear, touch, taste, smell with five physical senses.

A relationship conflict? Stop, pause, and rest. Open the heart to feel the Instant Grace of Eternal Love here now. One with God Presence we exist as this unconditional love.

Instant Grace.

A financial need or pressure?  Open the heart to feel the Instant Grace of God Presence here now. Feel the safety, solidity and assurance of the completion, sufficiency harmony and fulfillment of any appearing need. This is beyond a person feeling anxiety and hoping for an outside God to come and give something. Instant Grace means abiding as the Spirit Presence, one with God Presence, and more deeply knowing God as all fulfillment. Do this again and again until it “clicks” as the ground of being and guiding star of life.

Instant Grace.

Fear over an illness or health challenge?  Open the heart to feel the Instant Grace, everlasting God Presence, and surrender to this Eternal Life. Feel the relief of knowing that God Life is Eternal, and feel that Eternal Life quicken the physical body.

Instant Grace.

Abide in Instant Grace. Grace is not focus in the past or the future, it is this moment. Again and again, moment by moment feel for this subtle, yet immense Instant Grace. And then see how “problems” dissipate; watch harmony, love and beauty appear. Or notice an impulse toward clean, effectual, successful actions. Feel the winds of freedom beneath your wings, anointed with Grace, born of higher wisdom, and leading toward bright, happy, paths.

Invest in this escrow of holy instants of Instant Grace. Be this legacy and leave this legacy of the Instantaneity of Eternal Grace.

The highest Grace is the capacity to feel love and express love, to feel compassion and express compassion, to God Presence and express as that Presence, no matter what occurs in those around you or in the world.

This Instant Grace offers miracle gems in every rising moment; a holy grail of love in each lost, hurting painful situation; a sustaining manna in every dark looming threat of lack or limitation. Instant Grace shines upon you and within you, invaluable to you, as a supportive ocean of love, and a safe harbor of sanctuary, in the midst of a world in increasing turbulence.

Have you noticed two things: intensification and escalation in our inner and outer worlds?

The historical individual and collective, inward and outward, pool of problems have intensified and escalated.

Many of us feel the pressure, the stress, the un-sustainability of our thought systems, emotional reactions, health challenges, family needs, community demands, and global conflicts.

Emotional issues we politely tucked away and labeled  “finished”, resurface now with a surprising surge of fanfare. Relationship incongruities arise as more glaring and demanding of attention and authentic communication. Belief in lack and competition erupts in fear, grasping, griping, and volatility… calling us to dig deeper for the fortitude to establish true joining and gentle solidarity. Our physical bodies struggle tofind balance, immunity, and vitality in the mounting stress. Our tensions and inner pressures instant message us neon signs saying: look at the emotional and spiritual roots of di-ease that no pill truly touches and no instant grat fixes.

Yet in the midst of intensification and escalation we stand on the brink of two ancient, yet new epic, answers: Grace and Presence.

See these two are one.

If we open to Epic Divine Grace, we discover the clarity and courage to stop denying, avoiding or escaping the intensification and escalation.

We face it.

Rather than settling for “me” and “mine” fake answers, trite cliches’, impotent platitudes, hollow pleasure seeking, or any seeking “out there”, we turn around and look within.

In the dominion of the heart birthing alive, the heart born alive, the heart still alive because it is still Home— Eternal in the Everlasting Love of Instant Grace—we discover we are still Home in the Heart of God Presence.

Our only true lasting answer, the answer that goes deep enough, lies in a sacred devotion to the Divine Grace that softly, serenely blazes our hearts alive in Presence. Each instant leaps forth in reverence, holy  joy, and harmonious creations.

Instant Grace.

Creator God Presence, bestows our Eternal Inheritance: Instant Grace.

Home in That.

Now we remember, and directly, tangibly experience being Home in the Heart, as Spirit Presence.

What deems the everlasting arms of amazing Grace, as newly epic in this hour?

The potency of this, the alive direct feeling of this (beyond mere concepts), and the number of beings who stand on the brink of this global devotion to live in Instant Grace deems this as epic and essential.

Instant Grace is no longer for the saints and sages, or for a few.  We stand on the threshold of an era, wherein, en masse, we may open our hearts to the Presence of Eternal Light, to reverent Oneness with Creator God, and share this riveting peace in a more warm, kind, world.

Open to the innocent beauty of meeting the intensification and escalation, as the Grace and Presence that is our true answer.

Peace & Grace

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

Copyright © 2016 Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

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