The Greatness of The Human Spirit In The Midst of Tragedy and Loss

This article is written in response to Dr. Nielsen’s ABC Action News Television Appearance, September 19, 2014, in reply to questions from many of you.

How Does This Occur?

You may have seen newscasts concerning the Florida grandfather taking the lives of his children and grandchildren, and himself. When we hear of tragedies such as this, it provides an opportunity to come together in a greater depth of compassion, oneness-harmony, depth, and solidarity.

When loss of life occurs at the hand of a human being, it is more traumatic or unsettling than when it happens through a storm or mechanical failure. Rest assured that drastic actions such as this do not generally occur suddenly, out of nowhere. There has been a long-standing, long-building sense of increasing sense of separation, lack of sensitivity and compassion, leading to a break with reality. Separation is taken to an extreme in which there is no ability to relate to the pain or suffering of another. Signs of this occur along the way that we can detect and address.

Rather than feeling “unsafe” from “external conditions”, demoralizing traumas may spark deep doubts as to the nature of humanity and a fear of loss of inner goodness of individuals and of humanity at large. It may shake our faith in love, trust, family, and sanity. We wonder what the world has come to and how it will unfold in future years. These types of events create unsettling feelings, unrest, a sense of not feeling safe in the world.

These types of acts only happen in a perceived state of separation that ever deepens into greater alienation and objectification. This separation, whether it appears as separation from love, from self, from self-love, from others, from society, from sanity, ultimately is existential separation. Meaning: separation from God Presence, Spirit, Creator – that which birthed us into existence. If we wish for the true answers, we have to go deep enough. Finding the trustworthy answers means asking the right question:  What are we? What is our true identity? How do we re-awaken to our true Essence, as Spirit? How do we remember the Love That We Are, the Spirit Presence that we are, as the very ground of our being. How do we return one by one, and a thousand by a thousand and a billion by a billion to the Heart of our Eternal Father God?

What Do We Tell Ourselves, What Do We Tell Our Children?

We tell our children the truth. The truth is that the human greatness, the human heart, the “human” Spirit, is Love. This Spirit, this Love, goes beyond any darkness or “good vs. evil” or “pairs of opposites”. This Spirit Love is stable, trustworthy, secure. Love is what is true and what we naturally are. When we are home, in our hearts of Love, we are in our True Self. Our True Self is Spirit, is Love, is Life, is Sacred. True Love is Divine Love, which arises not from human changing sentiment, it arises from Oneness With Creator God Presence. And our True Self respects and reverences all of life, and honors it as Sacred. We remember that, feel that, live as that, express only that.  We may tell our children that God Spirit Love is as close as the breath; when they breathe in and out, they can remember this God Love Presence, in their heart, right here now.

How Do We Respond?

Realize that the “human” Spirit is Essence, and in its the Natural Way of Being, it is naturally love, goodness, joy, wellness, and creative giving. This resides at the core spark of all beings, and this spark is truly the whole of the real Self or Essence.

  1. Begin a simple, sacred practice of remembrance. Remember this Spirit Essence Life of love, harmony, goodness, spaciousness, peace and trust.

  2. When we see someone not communicating or not “communioning-connecting, step forward to express love, to set the tone of respect, sensitivity, and connection. We have the capacity to master the inner practice of Seeing the Spirit Spark in all beings— “calling it forth”. When we see this in ourselves or another we strengthen awareness of this sentient identity in all, as all. We set a strong beautiful resonance of communion, of compassion, of community.

  3. We welcome all to a greater openness, releasing of emotional storage, embracing of sensitivity. Our Presence (not just our words—our whole being) speaks of joining, of beauty, of calm and ease, ever rested in and as the oneness of the “human” Spirit rather than the human separation, or the disconnect of self-centeredness. We softly,
    Reverently, passionately and persistently, release the thought-emotion-habit of fear, of negativity, of separation. We come out of all denial of self, relationships, the world, and look at “what is”.

We poignantly see the pain and suffering of separation, with a dedication and devotion to be the higher resonance of that which only supports life. We courageously speak up in the face of abuse, and then we go deeper in the heart of Spirit Presence where no conflict or abuse ever occurs.

  1. Being the relevant, truthful voice of sanity in the world, we support humanity in coming out of denial and seeing its true condition. This first means seeing the true condition of man’s inhumanity to man, the abuse of the feminine or underserved, the unsustainable systems based on greed and competition. With a passion to rise out of that… we then see the true condition. The more real condition is beyond a condition, it’s the coming Home to Oneness with Creator, in devotion to that.

  2. And when someone seems out of sync with this, we face it for what it is, stay open and aware, act quickly in in-powered wisdom and intelligent intervention. Yet our greatest response is our inner, sacred, quiet simple response: ever see and commune with the Spirit, the Love that is there, until that is what we see and experience everywhere.

  3. No matter what others do, and no matter what we see or hear around us, we live as love, joy, compassion, equanimity – in a greater and more simple, yet profound way.

The Natural Self is Naturally Only Love In the Natural “Human” Spirit

Only Love Is And You Exist as That

Reverence For, and As Life

In the arenas of thought, mind, belief, memory, sensation we live in the “pairs of opposites” of “this world”. It is like motion pictures moving in time, that reflect safe vs. unsafe, health vs. illness, separation vs. oneness, life vs. death, ease vs. stress, closeness vs. alienation.

In Reality, our changeless Essence is Timeless.  It is the Timeless Presence – simple, spacious, poignant Love; profound, quiet, radiant Peace, in each now instant.  Without a

past, or future focus, without a self-centered time-based thought stream, or repressed time-based emotions, Timeless Presence Is.

Timeless Presence Is… emptied of a personal “me” focus, abiding as one with God Presence, You see – I Am That Presence.

Timeless Presence is unconditioned, innocent, pure, harmless, naturally supportive.

And then you live by and as Essence, Spirit, Life, not by automated computer-like repetitive thoughts-habits, involving struggling, trying, and becoming.That which You Are, is free now, whole now, pure life now, eternality now.

Rested as Spirit, God Presence, as the Eternal Love, doors often open as you are naturally called upon to contribution, service, leadership, sharing, wisdom, and brilliant creativity.

You See all sentient beings, not as struggling, or suffering, but as sacred, as Spirit, as Eternal, as the Infinite Presence in the mystery of breathtaking beauty.

This engenders reverence for, and as, Life.

Copyright © 2016 Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

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