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These daily messages offer a fortifying gem to uplift your spirit, nourish your heart and illumine your pathway.

A minute is all it takes for a miracle. An instant is all it takes for a miracle. Actually, no time is required for the timeless miracle of “I exist as Spirit, One with the One God.” This already Is.

The true miracle is the felt Presence of God, the realization of Eternal Love, the remembrance of self as spirit light.

The miracle already exists. It takes only a minute for our remembrance. The more sacred minutes that we gather and garner, the more quickly this miraculous fulfillment bursts onto the landscape of our daily lives.

Amass, amass, amass, sacred moments. Be a master amasser. And then you will be a beholder…. of heaven…. on earth.

The fruits and flowers of our felt love and contemplated truth principles now bursts forth. We celebrate the fields, white for harvest. We contemplate, we flourish, we share. God Is. Hallelujah. Grace Is.

We encourage you to repeat this miracle moment, this instantaneity of Light, this treasure of Love, as many moments as you can invest per day.

This equals an investment in eternity. It is an investment in spiritual devotion. It is an investment in You. It is an investment in every heart, every being of the human family, coming Home to Love.

See each repetition of the message of the day as fresh, as new, as a brand new song of holy joy. See each contemplation as a gold coin that you toss into a treasure chest of good fortune.

Allow each petal of contemplation’s diamond flower to unfold, as if you were breathing in the rich, gentle fragrance of a white Lily, a peach colored Rose, a pink Plumeria flower.

The ineffable fragrance of peace, the luminous diamond of a heart alive as love, the soft beauty of each laughing moment, unfolds as the Miracle.

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