A Chartered, 501(C)3 Tax Deductible Charitable Foundation

Prolific Free Teachings, Books, Audio Messages, Online Book Library

Global Outreach, Training/Elevation of Spiritual and World Leaders
(Online and at Retreat Center,  Florida US.)

Global Classroom and Sacred Land Centers for In-Person Interactives

Forums for Grace: The Direct Experience of Deific Love

Addressing the Core Cause of Suffering: Perceived separation
From God, to live as Eternal Love, The Light of Consciousness

Melting Divisive Judgments, Revealing the Unifying Principle and Presence
In families, religions, teachings and “paths”

Restoring the True Heart of Christ Teachings, Presence, Consciousness

Opening Direct Experience of the Underlying Deific Love & Wisdom
At the core mystical-sacred-essential heart of all Paths

Home in the Heart Foundation, offers free teachings, books, messages that offer guidance, support and wisdom in the direct experience of Oneness with and as God Presence. The Foundation focuses on the liberation from suffering by addressing the core root of humanity’s unresolved issues of divisiveness, separation, pain, and instability.

The teachings and creative offerings support the direct Face to Face, Heart to Heart, Consciousness to Consciousness awakening in the Reality of God Presence, Deific Love, as the true Origin and ground of being, happening each instant.

The ministerial outreach restores the lost meanings and direct Oneness teachings of mystical (sacred) Christianity, the original lost teachings of Christ, supporting the clear living of Christ Presence-Consciousness. The Foundation messages weave the core heart wisdom teachings and realizations of the most high, pure teachings of the core religious distinctions. The Foundation bridges/melts the superficial divisive layers of religious divisions, revealing One Heart, One Family, already present in the deepest truths of each path.

Whether The Absolute Supreme Creator Presence is known and experienced as Mother Father God, Yahweh, Mother Mary, The Light, Consciousness, Brahman, Adonai, Elohim, Bhagavan, Pure Land—the way opens now for the One Original Light, the One Eternal Love to be experienced as the ground of being . . . lived, lived here now as heaven as earth.

The Foundation supports the remembrance of Home, as an instant by instant experience of Primordial Love, of the vast Light of Consciousness, honing the freedom from identification as a personal self into crystal clear focus.

Home in the Heart Foundation

Holds the Vision of Sacred Land Centers,
Offering Space for Spiritual Community Gathering
And Global Outreach To Millions of Beings,
In support of Direct Spiritual Realization
Of Deific Love
And Unifying Wisdom-Peace