Home in the Heart Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3, spiritual-based organization with a crystalline clear vision at humanity’s epic hour. The Foundation provides real answers that go deep enough, when only the deep enough answers will suffice.

Year in, year out; decade in decade out; century in, century out; millennia in, millennia out— humanity has suffered the same pool of inward and outward unsolved problems. Now humanity faces a critical time of swift moving restructuring that calls for the ending of this ancient, historical suffering of lack, limitation, ignorance, conflict and hurting.

The bright horizon of this uncertain landscape, is that this offers humanity—offers each sacred sentient being, an astounding opportunity for rapid spiritual growth and a heartwarming, heart rending, heart awakening return Home. This return Home is to the lived experience of our True Home: God’s immense and ineffable Eternal Love.

Home in the Heart Foundation currently offers and newly creates ongoing books, audios, classes, programs, songs, videos, contemplative art—that sparks a direct experience of communion with our Eternal Creator. These literary materials and anointed messages and teachings offer a depth, potency and immediacy that supports remembrance of the self as spirit, as One with the One God. From this remembrance, we live in the holy joy of the lived Presence of peace.

Home in the Heart Foundation is for the masses, for the family of humanity—opening the doors for millions of beings to have the experience that before this era only the saints and sages experienced. The Foundation also works in depth with core spiritual leaders and leaders in all arenas of our national and global structures. The Foundation fortifies this global leadership of light bearers, who shine the love of God and reveal the principles of biblical and ancient wisdom in a relevant, tangible way.

In addition to literary materials and programs, the vision of The Foundation also involves the forming of retreat centers as a meeting hub for leaders, as well as sanctuaries of retreat, silence, sacred prayer and accelerated spiritual growth. These centers form an oasis akin to heaven on earth, wherein we discover how to truly live from what Jesus Christ called “the kingdom (of God) within you.” Christ revealed the heavenly love and Presence of our Father, of our Eternal Creator, is to be fully, freely, fulfilled and lived even while on earth.

When a person comes to a home or a spiritual center wherein the Eternal Love and Light is fully honored— God Presence and principle is known and lived—they come Home in the heart. They come Home deeply enough to sustain this God realization, and to share this way of True Life, in the everyday world. As they return back, from retreat, to their homes, families, businesses and creative endeavors they shine this new way, this final answer—that ends our suffering and returns us all home, as safe, free, and dwelling in our birthright of changeless happiness.

We welcome you to be part of the Home in the Heart Foundation Family. We honor you. You matter and your part here matters. It takes all of us together, walking hand in hand, heart in heart, unified.

This is our moment, our epic hour, to return Home, to come to the true, permanent lasting answers and liberation. We invite you to join in this legacy and feel the holy joy of this auspicious union.