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Eternal Love

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The Redeemed Human Race

Join in the Father Ahavah and Home in the Heart Foundation Family in our Global Project to honor the spiritual feminine, heal our hearts and directly feel the Presence of Eternal Love as our birthright of happiness

What You Receive:

*True, gentle, powerful ways of being, that offer lasting answers to inner peace

*Pathways of unconditional happiness, and loving communion with the Presence of God; (union with God = happiness, happiness = union with God)

*A new cutting edge, transformational discourse class teaching each week

(A few pages to read in a few minutes, and then 7 days to “sit with” and be elevated, blessed and expanded in the teachings -the more often you contemplate the message)

*A new contemplative practice each week - to apply in quiet times and throughout daily life - to live from inner peace, and your highest, gifted, expression in the world

*Expert and anointed principles, prayers, and instructions for your release of pain or limitations, for the flourishing of your highest talents, the expression of true love

*Rare, potent, and gentle contemplative practices to return to sacredness and to know, truly know and deeply feel the everlasting love of our Creator God

*The Father Ahavah Program is free of charge - offered to you as many times as you wish to deepen it’s impact and heighten it’s grace for you

What You Give:

*A commitment to honor your Self and give yourself this time and this gift

*An open heart to grow in ways that makes a significant difference in every life you touch and in the human family

*A few minutes of your time each week (we encourage for maximum benefits to abide with the program daily and receive its limitless support)

*The gift of solidarity - you join with others of this growing family, dedicated to a more sustainable, loving, benevolent, beautiful world

*A love gift of your devotion to God, a return to the joy of sacredness

*An openness to feel more love, joy and happiness than you have before, and to share that with those around you

What makes this program rare, epic and of heightened value to you and others:

The Nature of the Author

*The author of the program has a rare combination of being and serving as a: profound spiritual teacher, family therapist, survivor of abuse and trauma, artistic giver of the spiritual feminine gifts, gentle artist, healing spiritual practitioner, anointed author.

The Nature of Humanity’s Core Issue

*A huge core issue of humanity’s suffering is a sense of separation from God. To heal and move into a sustainable and beautiful world of love, harmony, and brilliance, humanity must come Home to spiritual life. And humanity must now heal the abuse and suppression of the feminine voice and creative expression (whether that feminine expression arises in women or men).

The Nature of the Lateness of the Hour

*Humanity is at a threshold of a great divide: open the heart or perish. Yet, we will open the heart and live and expand our heart in unprecedented love. Speed is of the essence now as we excavate suppressed pain, discover the true answers, and directly feel the tangible, imminent Presence of God - as our hearts Home, as our guiding star of each day of life.

A Note on Father Ahavah Program,
From Dr. Nielsen:

This program has a special place in my heart, it comes to you straight from my heart. As a child and as an adult woman, I made it my life devotion, my life aim, my life work, to alleviate suffering from abuse.

My whole being cried out with deep compassion that no other woman, man or child to experience trauma, demoralization, shame, humiliation, torment… and remain with no true healing or answer.

I have a passion for the elevation of the spiritual feminine in women, and also in men. The spiritual feminine gifts are astoundingly necessary and essential for all of life - we cannot sustain life without them!

We cannot sustain life without them.

We are dying for lack of heart warmth, tenderness, compassion, vision, creativity, innovation, insight, sharp clarity, welcoming grace, authentic truth, soft beingness. These are not weakness, these are our true strength.

I know from my own experiences of abuse and trauma, and from thirty years of working deeply on these issues with individuals, couples and families, that a remembrance of Home is our only… our only… answer.

Our heart’s Home is Ahavah - which means - the Everlasting Love of our Creator God. We were created as that Ahavah Love, we still exist as that Ahavah Love.

Our answer is that Ahavah Love.

In that coming Home to the Eternal Love lies your true happiness, your final freedom, your ineffable fulfillment.

You are so exquisite and sacred. You are a unique and needed treasure in our world. You matter. Your gifts matter. As you know yourself as this Light and Love of Home, your true innate gifts will shine.

You will know the bliss of rich creative expression of your highest heart talents, and you will make such a natural yet breathtaking difference in the hearts around you, in the entire human family, that it will make your heart sing. Yet, it’s so natural to live this way. It’s our Natural Self, our Essential Self.

Come join our family of the free ones—the new understanding of true family.

I warmly welcome you to join me in this program. I uphold our group in prayer and blessings, and with the utmost understanding and compassion.

I see such miraculous and beautiful growth and happiness, in those who embrace the Father Ahavah book, message, and way of being, that it delights me to see each person who joins us.

It brings joy to my heart to share with you the freedom from suffering, and the joy of spiritual love that I experience.

I look forward to seeing you at our Father Ahavah Discourse Program!

From the Heart, With Mother Ahavah & Father Ahavah Love,

Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen

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