As a child, Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen (Ahavah) experienced riveting and profound spontaneous spiritual awareness.

Through the deepest trials she discovered a rich, vibrant oneness with Creator God, that arose as the most holy communion and gentle sacred light.

Ahavah discovered ways to live this spiritual reality in a world wherein many persons feel separate from Creator. She translated union with God Presence to tangible, practical principles, experientials, and applications.

She calls us out of the anesthesia of hurts, wounds, and fears to the humility and simplicity of Home. This Home, felt in the heart, offers a sanctuary of Oneness with/as God Presence.

Ahavah supports transcending/transmuting suffering through emptying of a “personal me” and realization of the stillness within, the remembrance of spiritual life. She guides us in authentic experience of whatever is arising, moving through the shadows of separation to feel self as the ground of being of Eternal Love.

Ahavah (Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen)
Spiritual teacher, author, singer; founder of Home In The Heart Foundation, Inc.

She has a compassionate heart for all of humanity. She teaches the simplicity of spiritual realization: “You are already Home, in the Heart, one with and as God Presence. Remember this ecstatic holiness, this changeless stillness of limitless peace and beauty, and exist as that in each instant.”

She offers prolific creative sharing that generates fresh, candid, relevant spiritual teachings on an ongoing basis. Many experience the rare purity and depth of her teachings and Presence as a doorway to real life Union with God Presence.

Dr. Nielsen has a multitude of spiritual children, a vibrant spiritual family. She beholds the Divine Mother Grace, and the Heart of Father God Compassion, bestowing eternal treasures in simple and miraculous ways.