A stunningly relevant book at a momentous global time, by distinguished spiritual teacher and author, Dr. Ann Marie Nielsen.

The message of this book potently and candidly breaks through our global amnesia, awakens clarity, and mends hearts.

It unifies us together in solidarity and a more sustainable world.

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Elegant, masterful, intriguing article messages that uplift you right into the gardens of heaven while grounding an authentic beauty of experience here on earth.

Redeem the joy, love and pace of each present moment.

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Art Gallery

We welcome you to immerse in the innocence, beauty and holy joy of these art creations, reflective of Home.

As you rest with these art creations, it may feel like a soft whisper of welling up of peace, happiness, love, or joy. Or it may dawn like the Light of a thousand suns in profound realization of being Home in God Presence. Art Gallery


* The Heart: Always Was, Always Is, Always Will Be
* The Whisper of Enchantments
* Delicate Immensity
* The Normal Glory of Golden Love
* Kindness Dances Soft and Strong

Home In The Heart Foundation

The Home In The Heart Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. This international family of those who have come Home In The Heart support you and all of humanity in a simple, relevant and practical way.

The outreach spans local, national and global frontiers.

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Home In The Heart Foundation

Home in the Heart Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3, spiritual-based organization with a crystalline clear vision at humanity’s epic hour. The Foundation provides real answers that go deep enough, when only the deep enough answers will suffice. Read More